Ankara State Academy of Architecture and Engineering (Gazi University), August 30, 1977 After graduating leave a road.Business accumulations of two young friends, by the common names of the dynamism of the first syllables of their youth they create the moving Kayhan Engineering firm founded with the name.

Metin HANOĞLU sector, the burden of Architecture, Static-reinforced shoulder to shoulder with the industry took responsibility for the M.Selim KAYIŞOĞLU gave a modest office in 42 years, carried out numerous projects in domestic and abroad, the company reached 84 technical personnel work. Employees of 42 years took power, the power companies were trying administrations.

Today to honor his friends took power comes.Always tried to do the right thing, was troubled days, was the joyous moments became troubles. Support each other in Turkey have been ups and downs of market graph, remained standing. In every period, every trouble, every time it remained standing support KAYHAN then kept standing.

Today came the age of 60, his hair bleached two technical staff, gain new experience in every project, every job gained new friends, employees, together with elevated existed with their friends, with an annual production capacity of 1 million m2 project live in pride of being together in a project company.