Kayhan Engineering and Architecture Ltd. Sti. Superstructure and infrastructure (buildings, roads, sewage, drinking water, water bodies, urban planning, landscape and geotechnical surveys) Complete engineering, consultancy and supervision services for the project is organized to carry out. Started in 1977, Limited Liability Company in 1982 and in 1989 the Statute of the Joint Structure the Establishment of Joint Stock Company with the talented and experienced staff is composed of a large project engineering capacity.

The study area Collective domestic and abroad company housing and private residential units, business centers, health and education buildings, tourist facilities, public services and administrative institutions and organizations belonging to the social facilities, industrial facilities design, verification and retrofitting of structures for earthquake resistance of the preparation of projects infrastructure services to the organization of upper-Consultancy and supervision services for construction projects realized.

Kayhan is still ongoing activity of Architecture and Engineering Ltd.. a total of 84 experienced technical personnel, technical equipment and projecilik owned by the accumulation of many important projects in the country and has been working abroad. Since its inception, its engineering reputation, reliability and quality Kayhan Engineering and Architecture, Ltd. is the principle. Sti. line in the future while preserving its past, project sector is working to move the bar upwards.